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This week, I write about my experience surfing at Tarkwa Bay in Lagos, Nigeria. It was exciting and thrilling!
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Surf’s up – Surfing in Lagos, Nigeria

Surf’s up!
If you’re a fan of the beach, large bodies of water and water sports, then you might want to try your hand at surfing sometime. Surfing, you say? In Lagos? Why yes indeed! Where exactly, you ask? Down by the shores of Tarkwa my good fellow – a 20/30 minute boat ride from any jetty on the island. And who would be the instructor for this particular discipline, you might ask? Well, the tutor in question is the one and only Godspower. Yes. Godspower. The one within whom godly powers reside. And once you see him ride a wave, you too shall testify that he is indeed an individual through which the powers of a divine deity doth manifest upon the waters. The man’s got moves, and he’s ready to teach you how to get your surf on!


Godspower – my trainer – Surfing in Lagos


Godspower starts his surfing lessons by taking you through a brief surfing simulation on land – how to lie on your board, how to move on it and, importantly, how to get up onto said the board and ride a passing wave. After he does that (and confirms, of course, that you can actually swim), you’re swiftly ushered into the waters of Tarkwa to catch your first waves. Godspower has a few boards available, so pick the one that suits you best and head out (basically, you want one that can hold your weight. If you’re a larger individual like me, you want the biggest board he’s got).



Once you’re in the water, you’re at the relative mercy of mother nature. I say relatively because Godspower has you covered for the most part. For your first few lessons, he’ll be watching out for good waves that you can ride. Spotting those is harder than you’d think. A wave can look pretty solid… until it isn’t. Once Godspower spots a sweet wave, he moves you right into its sweet spot and gives you a little push. After that, it’s up to you to pop off your board as he’s instructed you and ride that bad boy to shore. From thereon out, it’s rinsed and repeat till you get a hang of it. As you progress, you’ll learn how to spot your own waves, paddle into them, and… surf.


Surfing in Lagos is Fun!

Sure, surfing is a ton of fun, but it’s also a big workout. Paddling on your board alone is hard work for the shoulders, especially when you’re a heavier individual. And don’t forget that once you surf to shore, you’ll need to walk/swim/paddle back out to catch the next wave. And good luck doing that when the waves roll in back to back. Once I spent 20 minutes trying to paddle pack out into deeper water, but wave after wave kept beating me back like I had insulted Poseidon or something. By the time I made it back out I was so tired that I called it a day. If you’re up for a challenge, ask Godspower to let you do the Lighthouse-Tarkwa paddle. Let’s just say you won’t be able to move your shoulders for a while. Good luck, and happy surfing!




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