DiscoverFitnessNG | Ryder Lounge - Lekki gets a new spin on Fitness
Located in Lekki, Ryder Lounge is a dedicated spinning studio fitted to the garters with everything that makes for a good spin class. Read our review.
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Ryder Lounge – Lekki gets a new spin on Fitness

Ryder Lounge officially opened its door to Lagos this month, and for spin lovers, it’s a dream come true. Located at 15 Victoria Arobieke Street, Lekki, (right next to BarBar), Ryder Lounge is a dedicated spinning studio fitted to the garters with everything that makes for a good spin class. Bikes, check. Trainers and classes, check. Ambiance and music, check. Bar next door to drink away the pain after a rigorous spin session? (Just kidding, but check).


Ryder Lounge Lekki – Logo

If you’re not familiar with spinning, it’s when you get on a stationary bike and pedal. And pedal. And pedal some more. You’ll pedal with low intensity. You’ll pedal with high intensity. You’ll pedal with low resistance. You’ll pedal with resistance so high you’ll be wondering who sent you to come and go and kill yourself. And it’s not just about the legs, oh no. While you pedal, you’ll be moving your upper body quite a bit, with a lot of help from your arms. So be prepared; a good spin session will leave you thoroughly worked out.



Ryder Lounge’s Spinning Bikes


The Ryder Lounge Space

Ryder lounge makes the most of the space it’s got, with about 20 bikes stationed in the studio. Once you step inside, you can see that a good bit of work has been put into setting it up – it was without a doubt purpose built. Discotheque lighting and an integrated sound system are set up to get potential Ryders dialed in for their upcoming cardio session and, for special occasions, a DJ can plug into the studio’s sound system for a custom Spinning Jam session.



Ryder Lounge’s got music!


A really nice touch is the studio’s virtual cycling simulation – all the bikes in Ryder Lounge are linked electronically so when people start cycling, their avatars pop up on the front screen, tracking their speed and placing everyone in a virtual race –meaning that you can see who’s leading the pack, and who’s taking it a bit too easy. This also means that the trainers can see it too, and pay special attention to any slackers. A pretty cool way to make sure everyone brings their A-game to a spin session. Or at least not their F-game.





Speaking of Trainers and spin sessions, Ryder lounge currently has about three different trainers on rotation at the moment, with classes scheduled at least four times a day. Walk-ins are N4000 per session, and a 5 class bundle goes for N15,000. There’s also an annual subscription fee of N250,000 which bags you unlimited sessions for the year, so if you’re a spin head, that’s definitely the option for you! Oh, and everyone gets their first session free, so if you’ve never tried spinning, this is the perfect chance to… give it a spin.

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