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Plant planet

The fitfam edible catering options just keep growing! Last week, I paid a visit to one its latest entries –Plant Planet.
Plant Planet provides healthy meal options, specializing in salads, smoothies and plant based ‘nice cream’. Their menu is also gluten free, dairy free and fully organic, which means no refined sugar. So if you’re looking for the cleanest of the clean when it comes to your diet, these guys have the right meals for you.

Here’s their current menu:



Their salads can also come in wraps – I ordered the Chicken chipotle wrap on my last visit, and it was delicious! They’ve now become one of my favorite places to order from, and I’m sure their options will grow as they expand their client base.


Plant Planet is located within the Luik Tennis & Recreation complex in Lekki, right across from the IMAX, so you’ll need to enter the Luik compound to access it. They also deliver, so if you don’t want to make the trip to them, they’ll bring your order to you.




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