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Another Yogi, Another Yoga Studio (Yoga Sutra)

This week I was invited by a friend to take my first yoga class at Yoga Sutra – another yoga studio situated on the island. Located in Victoria Island, yoga sutra is encased in a little pocket of space on Musa Yar’adua (in the same complex as Style Story). It’s so inconspicuous that 9 out of 10 times, you’re likely to miss the turn into it (make that 9.5 out of 10).


Yogasutra is quite modestly sized (it fits about 10 people comfortably, I think), and that’s why they recommend you book classes with their yogis ahead of time to avoid disappointment. Speaking of yogis, my first session at Yoga Sutra was with the lovely Lucia.


Lucia practices Power and Peace Vinyasa flow – a fusion of Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga that focuses on the breath with a creative combination of dynamic flow, peppered with elements of power yoga and both energizing and restful musical elements. Her practice reminds me of a certain Other Yogi, so be prepared for some high-intensity strength poses, twists, bends and inversions.

Lucia practices Power and Peace Vinyasa flow

Lucia’s practice will give you a great workout, and an even better stretch. As with a lot of other yoga practices, it’s all about going at your own pace, and Lucia will give variations for each pose that will accommodate beginners and seasoned yoga veterans alike. So no matter what level you’re at, or whether you’re looking for an intense workout or a mellow stretching session, this class can meet your needs. Her classes are N4000 a pop, and worth every penny.

In addition to Lucia’s Power and Peace Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Sutra has a few other yoga classes. Here’s their weekly class schedule. Perhaps try one of their classes next week? Go on, be spontaneous! Pick one, and have fun practicing!


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