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Inside the ring with Elitebox

If you’re looking for a workout that packs a punch, then a session at Elitebox fitness is the thing for you! Run by Rehia Giwa Osagie, this class will literally knock the wind out of your sails. You will run and jump, duck and weave, squat and pivot. And you will throw punches. Lots and lots of punches. And maybe you’ll take a punch to the face for good measure!  Welcome to the world of Elite Boxing.

Coach Rey

I always knew that boxing was a tough discipline, but I was fairly confident in my fitness levels so before I took my fist class, I said to myself “Okay man, you’re relatively fit. You lift weights. You run. You’ve done yoga. You’ll be fine! Heck, I’m sure you’ll do great!”

I was not fine. I did not do great.  In fact, I think I died a little on the inside that day. That class beat me up, stole my lunch money, then sent me go and buy N100 Gala and bring back change. Allow me to ‘expantiate’:

While the class doesn’t have a 100% set structure, here are the things you can fully expect to get going into each regular group training session at Elitebox:

Intense warmup: If it’s your first time at Elite-boxing, you’d be forgiven for thinking the warmup alone was the class in itself. Your instructor could decide to start you off with 3-4 rounds of skipping (3 minutes per round, with 20 second rest breaks,) or subject you to a full body round-robin consisting of jumping jacks, lunges, high kicks and whatever else he feels like throwing at you. Let’s just say that once you’re done with the warmup, you’ll be very, very warm.



Boxing technique: A lot of work in the Elitebox sessions will focus on boxing technique; beginners will be taught the basics, such as stance, guarding, how to throw punches effectively and basic evasive maneuvering. More experienced trainees might be partnered up for combination drills, or thrown into the ring for some one on one action with the trainer. The intensity of these drills vary depending on your experience level, and who you get partnered with. If you get paired up with one of the wicked trainers, sorry for you, sorry for your daddy, sorry for your family.

Bag work: This is the point where you bid farewell to your shoulders, because they’re about to be worked to death. You will jab a punching bag, then you will jab it again. And again. And again. The goal here is meant to be increased endurance and better conditioning, but I think the Elitebox trainers just enjoy seeing people writhing in pain as they watch their shoulders slowly lose all motor functions.

Circuit: Just in case the technique and bag sessions didn’t do it for you, Elitebox serves up a huge portion of circuit training with everything from tires and ropes, to jump squats and sled dragging. The trainers have limitless options to torment you with, and trust me, they’ll try to use them all.  Each circuit session has trainees take on about 8 different exercises, with (very) brief breaks in between. It’s usually never more than 20 minutes of total work, but they’ll be the most harrowing twenty minutes of your life.





How can anyone smile through the torture?


That’s more like it.

Stretching: A very important part of every workout, and while the Elitebox trainers derive sadistic pleasure from torturing you with physical exercise, they make sure your body gets the stretch it needs before you haul your mangled heap of an existence back home. (This is when you appreciate having a driver in Lagos. After my first session my legs almost lost their motor functions while I was in my car)

I said earlier that the class has no set structure. What I really love/hate about this class is that it never lets you get comfortable. The trainers will always throw in something new to make you work differently. You came into class ready for skipping? Well guess what, you’re not skipping. How about you start off with some full body dynamic warmups, followed by technique drills and bag work, with some circuit training thrown in for good measure. What’s that you say? You’re exhausted? Great, NOW grab your jump ropes! (Cue countless expletives from me)

Great athletes will tell you that if you haven’t cussed your coach under your breath a few times, he’s not pushing you hard enough.  Let’s just say that I’ve thrown more than my fair share of expletives at Elitebox’s trainers. If they set up a swear jar in class, I’m pretty sure they’ll double their money (but let’s not give them any ideas).

Elitebox Gym is located in the First Bank building opposite Eko Hotel, on the first floor (or second floor, if you believe the Ground floor is also the first floor). IMG_9188Apart from the regular boxing technique/circuit routines, Elitebox offers advanced classes and sparring sessions to cater to the more seasoned pugilists in Lagos. Elitebox also has a members club, which you can join and get discounts on classes for a year. It comes in handy if you plan on attending classes regularly.




In Summary:

Elitebox Gym

Location: Plot 1637, Adetokunbo Ademola, Victoria Island, (opposite Eko Hotel)

Times: See Class Schedule

Price: See price listing

Contact:, +234 706 911 7347

Workout intensity: ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆


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