DiscoverFitnessNG | Fitness Tips - 6 ways for Lagosians to join Fitfam in 2017
Here are 6 ways to start your Lagos fitness journey this year. We've made a simple list of 6 workouts, places and tips.
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6 ways for Lagosians to join Fitfam in 2017

fitfam_in_lagos_2017I’ve had a pretty rough start to the year, with a lingering knee injury that’s kept me out of the gym for over a month. After being out for a long time, it can be hard to get back into the swing of things, but here are some ways you can get on the fitness bandwagon in 2017!

Take a Class – Classes are great because the trainers make sure you don’t slack off, and the other attendees push you to give it your best shot. There are lots of fitness classes being offered all around town – Boxing, Karate, Kayaking, Surfing, Yoga, Capoeira – you name it!  You can try a new class every other week till you find something that works for you!

Find a gym partner – if you’re constantly falling off the fitness bandwagon, a training partner might be the trick to keeping you honest. How to get yourself a partner, you ask? You can pair up with someone that always seems to be at the gym at the same time as you and on the same level/type of training and ask them if they want to partner up. Or you could ask your friends on Twitter or Instagram. Or you could use the “Workout Buddy request” feature on Truppr’s app to find a fitness friend!

Locate your nearest gym – Having an easily accessible gym is a major key, because no matter how pumped you are to work out, two hours or more of traffic will knock your motivation out cold. Here are a few decent gyms in Lagos that are close to commercial activity centers and residential areas:

Leave the house – Just because you have a gym at home doesn’t mean you’ll use it. After a day of battling Traffic, stressful working conditions and Lagos heat, the last thing on your mind once you get home using the house gym –  you just want to relax. And if you have a live-in cook, one whiff of that jollof rice from the kitchen is all it takes to bury any thoughts of working out for the day.

Don’t leave the house – If you’re not comfortable working out around other people, get a personal trainer to come to you instead. Most of the gyms in Lagos have personal trainers you can talk to about private sessions or you could jump into my Instagram DMs ( and ask me!

Eat right – When it comes to getting/staying in shape, eating clean is 70% of the battle (if not more). No amount of working out is going to help if you cancel two wraps of poundo escorted by shaki, bokotor and roundabout. Having trouble eating clean? Try a week’s worth of meals from fitness-conscious caterers like @Keepeatclean, @greengrillhouse, @MajikJuioce or @mygreenapron (IG). Otherwise, you can bulk-prep your meals on Sunday – saving you lots of time once the week kicks in.

  • Em7
    Posted at 22:00h, 28 January Reply

    And above all put up the picture of whom u want to become! Always remember No pain No gain

  • xoxo
    Posted at 19:22h, 19 November Reply

    Consistency and dedication is key

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