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Experimenting with the Juice Lab

I stumbled upon the Earth Blend Juice Bar one day, as I made my way to Barazahi for a massage. It’s a nice little joint, tucked in at the lower level of the Rade Mall on Fola Osibo. and offers a variety of smoothies and juices – as juice bars do.


Earth blend has quite a few ingredients available, from which they make their various juice/smoothie blends – from the traditional apples and bananas, to the less commonly used nut milk, beet, cocoa and sugar cane. I couldn’t get custom fruit and vegetable combinations however – I could only order off the menu of pre-set blends. A shame, since I wanted my tried and trusted apple/pineapple juice combo, but oh well.  I ended up getting the prodigal son smoothie (apple, pineapple, strawberry, and banana), which was pretty good, so no harm no foul. My friend got a Power Mike, I think, which was also pretty good.


The smoothie I ordered was N1500, which seems to be the standard going rate for a lot of freshly pressed beverages. The menu items at Earth Blend range from N1000-N1600 as far as I can see, so it’s not too damaging on the wallet. Smoothie/Juice heads, go forth and prosper!





In Summary

Service Provider Name: Earth Blend Juice Bar

Short Overview: Smoothie and Juice bar

Location: Rade Mall, 21b Fola Osibo street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

Contact Details:, 01 293 2618

Good for: smoothies, juice, natural ingredients


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