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Discovering Fitness in the NG

I’ve never been great at starting things, so I guess the best way to start something is to just, well, start. So yeah, I decided to start a fitness blog. Hurray!

While I’ve been ‘working out’ for over a decade, I’m not the fittest guy out there. Far from it. Heck, every day I realize just how unfit I am. When I got a job, exercise became part of my daily routine; I had a standard weekly workout consisting of weights and cardio, with very little variation. And, as with most things routine, my weekly workouts became kinda boring. So I decided to try something different. Or rather, a lot of different things.

In the last few months I’ve practiced many different forms of fitness, including CrossFit, boxing and capoeira. I’ve also gone kayaking! Think of me as a fitness Swiss army knife – an army knife that really isn’t good for cutting anything and runs out of breath in five minutes.

As each class knocked the stuffing out of me, I realized just how average my regular workouts were. Each new activity forced me to move completely differently, and the trainers would not give me as much rest as I’d normally allow myself. Above everything, the classes were pretty fun, because I had fellow practitioners suffering with me. (Did I say ‘suffering’? I meant ‘having fun. Yeah. Lots of fun!)

After several months of excessive sweating, breathlessness and coming close to what I could only assume was a cardiac arrest, I figured I’d share my suffering… err, experiences with the world, just in case there were other people out there looking to put some spice back in their fitness lives but didn’t know where to look (Also so that one day , if I’m found lying incapacitated on a hospital bed, people will know what put me there – the pursuit of this thing called fitness – and the reduction of my waistline, because let’s face it, I just want to look good with my shirt off).

So yeah, welcome to my world of blood, sweat and tears. And more sweat. And a little more sweat.

P.S:  I/ am very aware that people don’t have time, so most of my posts will either be very brief, or have a summary section. Chherio! [Symbol]


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