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Crossfit lands on the Island

You’ve reached the pinnacle of Fitness. You’ve done it all.  You’ve conquered the bootcamps in Banana Island. Zumba classes in VI  are like a quick warmup. Circuit training in Lekki is just another workout to get through. But before you declare yourself the king or queen of Lagos’ Fitness scene, you have one final Gauntlet to surmount, and it comes in the form of Crossfit Jagun.


You might have heard about Crossfit before, but what is it exactly, you might ask. Crossfit is a fitness regimen that incorporates elements from several disciplines, including high-intensity interval training (HIIT), Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, callisthenics and strongman, amongst others. What that means is that a Crossfit workout can include anything from burpees and pull-ups, which are familiar to most people, to clean and jerks, snatches and handstand push-ups, which are pretty far from standard fare. So even if you’re an old gym dog, prepare to learn a few new tricks.


Crossfit is also a brand, meaning that to establish a Crossfit workout space (called a “box”), you need to be licensed by the global company, Crossfit Inc. and pay an annual fee, as well as get certified. And that’s exactly what Wale Adebiyi has done to establish the first Nigerian Crossfit affiliate, Crossfit Jagun.


The Crossfit Jagun box is located on Kofo Abayomi in Victoria Island (in the same compound as E-fitness). Because of the amorphous nature of Crossfit’s training, it comes decked out with equipment ranging from weights and rowing machines, to kettlebells, medicine balls and Olympic rings, as well as an Assault bike. Aside from the Assault bike and rowing equipment, however, you won’t find many machines. And that’s because, in Crossfit, you are the machine. And if you’re not familiar with Crossfit, be warned: once you step into that facility, be prepared to sweat.

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There’s a lot of things to know about Crossfit, but the one thing you should know is that their workouts are called WODs, meaning Workout of the Day. The WOD changes every day and is hardly ever the same. So, if you thought your body would soon get used to a routine, think again. Crossfit keeps you guessing – the day’s WODs are posted on the Crossfit website, and Crossfit affiliates are free to either do the posted WOD, or pick their own for each day.

You might notice a timer on the wall once you enter Crossfit Jagun. That’s because a lot of Crossfit WODs are done for time – a WOD usually consists of a set of exercises (eg 20 pull-ups followed by 20 clean and jerks and a 200m run) that should be performed a certain amount of times (rounds).  And as a Crossfitter, you’re looking to get through the workout as quickly as possible. So, you’re working against time.  The more competitive Crossfitters are looking to get the best overall times, and compare their numbers with those of elite athletes across the globe. But if you’re like me, you’re just looking to do your best, and maybe do better the next time that WOD comes around. Because we cannot come and kill ourselves. Either way, after a  Crossfit session, you are very likely to find yourself on the floor, fully covered in sweat and thoroughly exhausted, but very proud of yourself for making it through. And something deep down inside you can’t wait to take part in the next WOD.


Follow  Crossfit Jagun on their Instagram page (@crossfitjagun) to learn more about them!

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