DiscoverFitnessNG | A week with the Green Apron - Healthy Nigerian Food - Review
MyGreenApron prepares and delivers freshly catered meals that are portion controlled and tailored to your health/nutrition goals. Read our review.
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My Green Apron - Lagos - Review

A week with the Green Apron

green_apron_logo_lagosA week with the Green Apron

Eating healthy is challenging for a lot of reasons – lack of time, not knowing what to cook, or having a cook that only knows how to make traditional Nigeria dishes that are heavy on the carbs. Or you could just be lazy like me.

No matter the reason, there is a solution – have someone else do the hard work for you! And so I did- by having MyGreenApron prep my meals for a week. MyGreenApron prepares and delivers freshly catered meals that are portion controlled and tailored to your health/nutrition goals. After trying them out for a week, here’s what I thought:


The Service

Signing up is quick and easy. You can order meals through their website or give them a call (that’s what I did). Pretty soon after, you’ll be sent an email asking a few questions – some of your body’s stats –age, size, weight, how much you exercise, your diet goals, allergies, and if you have any medical conditions. These stats will help them tailor your meals as necessary. You can sign up for meals on weekdays only, or on weekdays and weekends. You can also sign up for an entire month at a time.

Once you’ve chosen your meal plan, you’re on your way – meals are delivered to you every day, in the morning. For the entire week, I used them, the delivery guy was always on time.  The meals also come in a sealed cooler bag to ensure nothing is tampered with. A pretty nice touch. Another thing I appreciated was that I got phone calls to check in on how I liked the meals, and if I needed portions altered or any other changes made to the diet.



The Food

The food itself is pretty good, and there’s a lot of diversity. You get three meals a day, as well as two snacks to nibble on in case you get puckish in between meals. I didn’t have any meals repeated the whole week, and some of the menu items were pretty creative. I don’t think there was a single meal I didn’t like. The food was very well prepared and seasoned (where applicable), so there wasn’t any issue of bland/boring meals. Here are the menus I had for the week:




One thing I noticed was that there weren’t many carbs in the meals. Lots of protein, vegetables and fruits – I thought I was on a paleo diet for a second. I’m not sure if it’s that way all the time, but if you love your carbs, you might want to confirm if they’ll be playing a big part in your diet when you sign up, or if they’ll just be appearing as stunt doubles in the occasional action scene.


Portion sizes might also be an issue for some people. When I signed up I mentioned I was trying to lose weight, so the portions were fine for me. One of my friends, however, raised an eyebrow when I showed him what I was having for lunch and said ‘nah mehn, this needs to be accompanied by some gbegiri and assorted before I can acknowledge it as a full blown meal.’ (I was previously unaware that meals could be full blown. Good to know).



Price and flexibility

The price point for the service seems pretty fair. For the Male plan, the 5-day meal comes to N32500. It might seem like much but regular weekly groceries can easily cost almost as much, and then you’d still have to prepare everything. For the convenience and quality of meals you get, I say it’s a decent price.

My one qualm is that you can’t sign up for individual meal items. I usually have dinner made at home, but don’t always grab breakfast/lunch. It would have been great to be able to order just breakfast or lunch for the week, but it’s probably not a profitable business model to run because then you’d have bits and bobs of unused items lying around. Catering all the meals for the week makes for better efficiencies, so I can’t knock them on that.

My nit pickings aside, I really enjoyed my week in the care of MyGreenApron – the convenience was a major plus for me, in addition to the variety of meals I would have never prepared myself. I’ll definitely be giving them another whirl sometime soon.  


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